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Reverse Engineering Printed Circuit Board Software

When Reverse Engineering PCB, no matter what kind of Printed Circuit Board design software you are about to use, each one of them will have the automatic copper clad functions which has played an important role in the Reverse Engineering Printed Circuit Board technology. The necessity of Copper clad process has several reasons:

The reason of copper clad on Printed Circuit Board reverse engineering is:

1, copper clad should connect with grounding line, which can effectively reduce the revert route area;

2, large area of copper clad equals to decrease the resistance value on the ground line;

No matter for digital ground, or analog ground, copper clad is required to increase the capability of resist the interference in the process of reverse engineering Printed Circuit Board, when in high frequency, the copper clad should be arranged separately by digital ground or analog ground, and then connect them by single point, this point can circulate the magnetic ring and then make connection. However if frequency of Printed Circuit Board is not so high or if the working conditions of instruments is not very bad;

Crystal in the Printed Circuit Board circuit can be used as a high frequency radiation source after reverse engineering printed circuit board, design engineer can layout copper clad, and then connect the crystal enclosure to the ground will be better.

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