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PCBA Reverse Engineering Quality Control Documentation


Documentation of quality control when PCBA Reverse Engineering:

1st point of PCBA reverse engineering, Quality Control review: A quality control review should be conducted for adequacy of all drawings, test data, and quality assurance provisions. A check-list should be prepared for each drawing to ensure that all elements pertaining to the item have been fully delineated.

2nd point refers to Inspection of drawings of PCBA Reverse Engineering:  Drawings should be inspected for defects. MIL-STD-1916 may be used as a guide for inspecting the drawings.

Drawing defects are defined as follows:

a. Major defect: An error in the drawing that, if not corrected, could cause a hardware defect that would affect form, fit, function, production contract cost, or scheduled delivery. Illegibility and non-reproducibility are classified as major defects.

b. Minor defect: An error in the drawing, other than a major error, which is in violation of the standard or specifications for the drawing requirements.

3rd point is Limited physical configuration audit (PCA) of Reverse Engineering PCBA:  A limited PCA should be performed to ensure that the documentation developed through reverse engineering conforms to the actual item.

4th point is Rejection criteria of PCBA reverse engineering:  The rejection criteria should be determined and all discrepancies should be resolved and corrected prior to final approval of the drawings and specifications.

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