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PCB Board Reverse Engineering Lay-Up

PCB board Reverse Engineer will normally use P as the reference plane layer, S as the signal layer, T as top layer, B as bottom layer in the process of Multilayer PCB Board Reverse Engineering. Hereby we would like to take a PCB board with twelve layers as reference to illustrate the structure, and the layer distribution according to their functionality can be seen below:


Install the direct voltage on the plane layer: there is an important measure to solve the power supply integrity issue, and decoupling capacitors can only be set on the top or bottom layer of multilayer PCB, decoupling capacitor effect will be affected severely by other adjacent circuit, soldering pad and through hole, which also require the circuit connected to the decoupling capacitors as short and wide as possible when reverse engineering PCB board, designate the 2nd layer as the high speed digital component power source; use 4th layer as high speed digital ground; but place the decoupling power supply place on top of the PCB board layer, which will be viewed as a reasonable design structure for PCB board reverse engineering. Besides, need to ensure the signal circuit drive by same high speed generator and use the same power supply layer as reference plane for PCB board reverse engineering, and use this power supply layer as the high speed part source.

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