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Reverse engineering a PC Board needs to go through below steps and each one of them has the rules to follow, generally speaking, reverse engineering PC Board need to undergo three big steps:

First of all, pc board schematic diagram design: it is mainly designed by a PROTEL99 schematic design system (advanced schematic) to reverse engineering a pc board schematic diagram. During this process, we should take full advantage of all the schematic diagram reverse engineering tools provided by PROTEL99, and various editing functions to realize our purpose for a correct, and beautiful PC board schematic diagram.

Secondly it is generate the network list, netlist is a bridge between the design of pc board schematic diagram and pc board reverse engineering, it has also been called the soul of pc board reverse engineering. Netlist can be obtained from pc board schematic diagram or from the extraction of pc board physical sample;

Third, pc board reverse engineering is mainly focusing on the other important part of pc board reverse engineering and design. In this process we will use protel99 to reverse engineering pc board and fulfill the difficult task.

How to design and draw a simple schematic diagram of pc board

When we design and draw a pc board schematic diagram, below process can be followed to ensure a good schematic diagram being made:

First of all, the size of design paper should adapt to the schematic diagram size after being drawed by PROTEL99, we need to figure out the electronic components and design the paper size. Paper size is determined by the schematic diagram’s dimension and complexity level.

Second step is installation of pc board reverse engineering environment, this process include the set up of grid size and type, cursor type. Etc. most of the parameters can use the systematic default value.

Third step is rotating the component: fetch the components out from the component library and put it right now the paper for definition and installation when pc board reverse engineering.

4th step is use tools provided by PROTEL 99se to compile the schematic diagram after pcb reverse engineering, and connect each one of the components on the drawing together by meaningful track and simbols to compile a complete schematic diagram;

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